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Mouse Mouse anti GST-Tag mAb (AE), validaed in WB,, IP. % Guaranteed. ABclonal provides trial size antibody samples for target detection. GST Antibodies (Glutathione S Transferase (GST)). Short Description: This gene encodes a member of the kappa class of the glutathione transferase superfamily of. Antibodies derived from these GST fusion proteins are useful for checking protein expression both in plaques and on Western blots, as well as for immunogen.

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Goat polyclonal anti-GST antibody labeled with bright and photostable CF® dyes. Antibody is suitable for western or IF applications. Buy anti-GST antibody, Mouse GST Tag Monoclonal Antibody (MBS) product datasheet at MyBioSource, Primary Antibodies. Application: Western Blot (WB). Purified anti-GST Antibody - GST catalyzes the conjugation of reduced glutathione to a wide number of exogenous and endogenous hydrophobic electrophiles.

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Detect GST Tag using this Anti-GST Tag Antibody validated for use in WB. - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. For the highly sensitive and specific detection of recombinant schistosomal GST fusion proteins expressed using pGEX Antibody Selector. Buy mouse monoclonal (GST.B6) antibody to GST (A). Validated Applications: Dot, ELISA, IP, IS and WB. ✔️ % Guarantee ✔️ FREE Shipping.