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Music licenses are the main way that artists earn royalties for the use of their work. Anyone using a song (not their own) for a project that others will hear. Public performance of unlicensed music is subject to a fine of up to $, for each song performed without proper authorization. With over 70,+ titles. How are fees determined for a BMI license? To get a license to play music in a restaurant with BMI, restaurant owners must apply by filling out this form. Rates.

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What about venues? Venues are required to have music licenses for their own usage, e.g. elevator music, background lobby music and lounge performers. However. Legally Licensing royalty-free music for your Facebook videos, When you're trying to work out whether you can use copyrighted music on Facebook the. A license with BMI can range from $ to $ per year, but larger businesses might pay upward of $2, per year. SESAC. SESAC: Although this organization is.

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Furthermore, if you conduct live performances at your business, you would need to apply for a music license from the IPRS. The amount of fees for a license in. Non-Profit License ( Employees, Industrial, Less than $5, Paid Advertising) - $ These are just a few of the many outcomes for music licensing fees. Music License Fee Schedules ; ASCAP Fees · 0 - 1,, $ 1, - 2,, $ ; BMI Fees · 0 - 1,, $ 1, - 3,, $ ; GMR Fees · 0 - 1,