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UKCA CERTIFICATION (UK Conformity Assessed) for the United Kingdom European Conformity Mark (CE). Load cells and Mounting kits. Tension load cells. Tension compression load cell Measuring ranges from 25 to kg Alloy steel construction Rated output: 2 mV/V to +/- 0,2 % Combined error. Formula: Cylinder Area x Stroke Length in Inches ÷ x 00, Load Capacity used to do tension, compression, bending, shearing test for metal materials.

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Tension or compression load cells for weighing hoppers, tanks and with other weighing devices. CAPACITIES (kg): 15, 30, 50, , , , They are very accurate in measuring compression and tension forces. These kinds of tension load cells, especially those that have male threaded stud connections. Compression & Tension Load Cell 31 low range precision miniature load cells measures both tension and compression load forces of 50kg.

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or stainless steel in either tension or tension/compression models, these devices measure load ranges from g to , lb. Load Cells. Concrete is strong under compression, but has weak tensile strength. Wide contact surface and foot members increase load-carrying capacity and prevent. Although the weighing assembly is loaded in compression, the load cell is mounted in a 'pendulum' and operated in tension. Therefore the direction of load is.